Industrial Printers and Plotters
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Industrial printers and plotters, are portable or stationary pieces of equipment used to output industrial data in printed form. General printer specifications, performance specifications, physical specifications, and features are important to consider when searching for industrial printers and plotters, computer.

General printer specifications to consider when selecting industrial printers and plotters, computer, include applications, media handling, and technology.  Applications include graphics, CAD or engineering, GIS or mapping, bar codes, labels, forms, receipt, POS or kiosk, mail pieces (envelopes), checks or financial documents, and ID cards.  Media types often handled by industrial printers and plotters, computer, include single sheet, fan fold or continuous, and roll. 

Industrial printers and plotters can be one of many technology types including direct thermal, thermal transfer, ink jet, laser, LED or LCD, dot matrix, or line printers. 

Important performance specifications to consider when searching for computer industrial printers and plotters include resolution, printing width, and memory.  Printer resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi) and refers to the number of dots per square inch the printer is capable of achieving.  Generally, more dots per inch means a higher resolution.  The printing width is the width the printer can print characters, not the width of the media it is printing on.  Memory choices include RAM, Flash, and EPROM.  Physical specifications to consider when searching for computer printers and plotters include mounting options and interface.  Choices for mounting options include panel mount, rack mount, stand-alone, and portable or handheld.  Interface choices include serial interface, parallel interface, Ethernet, and USB. Common features include color printing, industrial metal housing, user controls, indicators, application software, and cutters.
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