Heat Shrink Tubing
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Heat shrink tubing conforms to the size and shape of wires, connections, open coils, and other electrically conductive elements to insulate and protect them from adverse environmental conditions.  Heat-shrinkable products can be found in all major markets, such as the automotive industries, electronics industries, power stations, cable and wire industries, appliances, audio and video, power distribution, shipbuilding, communications and telecommunications, off-shore industry, spacecraft, military industry, aviation industry, do-it-yourself stores, medical industries, rail and rapid transit, building and construction and many other markets.  Typical applications for heat shrink tubing can be found in the field of insulating, terminating, splicing, cable bundling, color coding, strain relief, wire marking, mechanical protection, environmental protection, corrosion protection and moisture sealing.  Heat shrink tubing can be used instead of standard approaches to insulation, such as taping or molding in place.  The tubing often comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials. When heated, it shrinks to conform to the size and shape of the underlying material. 

Important performance specifications to take into consideration when searching for heat shrink tubing include the maximum diameter and the temperature range.  The maximum diameter for heat shrink tubing is the diameter of the bundle of wires and cables.  The temperature range is the full-required range of ambient operating temperature.  Common approvals held by heat shrink tubing include CSA Mark (US, C and US, NRTL/C), UL Listing Mark, and UL Recognized Component Mark (US and Canadian).  The CSA Mark may appear alone or with indicators. If it appears alone, it means that the product is certified for the Canadian market, to the applicable Canadian standards. If this Mark appears with the indicator "C and US" or "NRTL/C" it means that the product is certified for both the U.S. and Canadian markets, to the applicable U.S. and Canadian standards.  The UL Listing Mark denotes that Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) has found that samples of the product met UL's safety requirements.
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