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Air compressors provide air at pressures higher than atmospheric via many pump drive types such as DC, AC, and gas or diesel engines. Pump technologies include positive displacement (piston, diaphragm, rotary vane and screw styles) and nonpositive displacement (centrifugal, axial and regenerative blowers). Compressors may have integral tanks for compressed air storage or discharge directly to the output valve. Some compressors have the capacity to generate vacuum levels as well.

Fluid power equipment and components is a combination of pneumatic and hydraulic components, devices, instruments and systems designed to facilitate or force the flow of fluids (in this case, both liquids and gases). As the names imply, hydraulic equipment relates to liquid fluids (such as water or oil), while pneumatic power equipment refers to those items that use, or are driven by air pressure. For both pneumatics and hydraulics, the following equipment types are covered: valves, filters, cylinders, drives, motors, pumps, reservoirs, tubing, etc.

Pneumatic equipment and components, as the name implies, are moved or worked by air pressure. The instruments in this family derive their power from pressurized airflow, or are designed to maintain, measure, restrict or filter the pressurized airflow. The pneumatic family of fluid power equipment includes: air compressors, air cylinders, air motors, air pressure regulators, compressed air dryers, compressed air filters, electro-pneumatic transducers, filter - regulator - lubricator (FRL) assemblies, pneumatic flow controls, pneumatic grippers, linear thrusters, manifolds, pneumatic rotary actuators, pressure control valves, pressure regulators, proportional valves, rodless cylinders, solenoid valves, tubing, and vacuum pressure regulators.
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